HKIC Competition


This design competition is part of MMfD and Hamain Kaisa Internet Chahiye (HKIC) advocacy that puts emphasis on the use of art for social change, also known as Artivism. We believe that art has the power to communicate rights in an approachable way, and that is why we are inviting digital artists to participate in the design competition to identify & visualise the kind of Internet that enables human rights. 

Digital artists are invited to visualise their interpretation of the Public Charter for Digital Democracy in Pakistan. Artists have the freedom to decide whether they want to work with one principle of the Charter, or represent the entire of the Charter in their design.

Call for submissions

The winning design will get 50,000/- PKR cash prize, and the runner-up design will receive 30,000/- PKR cash prize.

The winner and runner up will be chosen based on the relevance of their design with the Charter. It could be an illustration or a digital painting, and the artist has the full freedom to choose colour schemes, characters, styles, and modes of their art.


  • Your art should be the interpretation of, part of or the whole of, the Charter for Digital Democracy in Pakistan:
  • The artwork should be digitally made, and could be an illustration or a digital painting
  • The artwork should be original and has not been published or commissioned elsewhere
  • Artworks required in two dimensions: A4 in portrait, and 1080×1080 px
  • All artworks must be submitted in high resolution, in PNG format
  • A brief description, not exceeding 100 words, mentioning how your art is relevant with the Public Charter for Digital Democracy in Pakistan, should be accompanied with the design submission

Deadline to submit artworks: June 10, 2020.

Submit your designs at [email protected], with subject line “HKIC Design Competition – [YourName]”

Background & Context

Hamain Kaisa Internet Chahiye is an initiative of Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD) that involves regular Internet users in the discourse of policymaking around the Internet.  Over the last six months, we have been engaging diverse communities whose voices are not included in the policy-related discussions, including domestic helpers, factory workers, young students, home-based workers, parents, and support staff in public offices, to ask them what kind of Internet they want.

Based on their feedback, we drafted the Public Charter for Digital Democracy in Pakistan, that, once endorsed by larger audience, will become the voice of the people of Pakistan, and will be taken to the policymakers in order for the internet related policies to provide internet in accordance with what the users want, and what the government dictates the internet should be like.

Based on these discussions, we identified six themes that were highlighted:

  1. Access to affordable and quality internet for everyone
  2. Protection of online privacy
  3. Guarantee of Access to Information
  4. Non-discriminatory access to the internet
  5. Freedom to do business on the internet
  6. An internet that protects all human rights

The Public Charter for Digital Democracy in Pakistan further lays out demands from the government for the implementation of the Charter. Access the detailed version of the Charter here:


  • Please submit art only if you can open it for non-commercial use under creative commons license
  • Editable files will be required from the winning participants
  • Media Matters for Democracy will use and reuse the submitted designs, giving due credit to the artists every time, to support its advocacy on digital rights in Pakistan
  • All the submitted designs will also be shared on MMfD’s social media accounts, and on Hamain Kaisa Internet Chahiye’s website (

For queries, contact [email protected]